Agility is Vital

Agility is Vital

Will your organization thrive ?
Technology standards, customer needs, and people engagement have a commonality: they are evolving more rapidly than ever
Agile Transformation Impact Model

Agile Transformation Impact Model

Experience matters
Our agile transformation impact model has been adapted over many years of working with many types of organizations
Live Virtual Classrooms

Live Virtual Classrooms

Engaging, immersive, effective
We have 500,000 hours of experience in the virtual training setting, so we've learned a thing a two
Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership Training

Unleashing huge potential
We work with ambitious leaders who have the self-awareness to realize the small investment in skills at the top is a force-multiplier for unleashing huge potential throughout the organization.

Say hello to your agility experts

Nowadays, fast and adaptive beats slow and stagnant. Let us guide you to a new and better way of working.
Customer First Logo

Customer First

Adapt to your customer's needs
Frequent Delivery Logo

Frequent Delivery

Faster delivery means faster learning
Reduce Waste logo

Reduce Waste

Optimize the work not being done
Improve Quality Logo

Improve Quality

Build quality in and scaling comes naturally
Empower People Logo

Empower People

Motivated individuals create amazing things

Sustainable Outcomes

We have developed a consulting, coaching, and training model that builds confidence, equips people with new skills,
motivates them to put things into practice, and supports them when there are challenges to overcome.

We build confidence so that teams can run independently and don’t become reliant on support.
Let's Grow


We have helped clients realize their unique potential, take ownership, and achieve the
ultimate goal of business agility transformation through a range of services.
Agile Training Courses Logo

Agile Training Courses

Our trainers are seasoned agilists with empirical experience. That makes us really good at adapting our agile training courses to your unique needs.
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Agile Transformation Logo

Agile Transformation

We focus on agile transformation outcomes, so that you can respond to change of any kind – digital, political, economic, social, technological, legal or environmental.
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Agile Coaching Logo

Agile Coaching

Our agile coaching is focused on helping your teams build the skills, enthusiasm and foundations needed to deliver effectively in an agile environment.
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    "Agility in Mind helped identify the need for two delivery models using both Scrum and Kanban so we are able to better align Product Development with our overall business goals while at the same time provide sufficient agility to accommodate unplanned tasks or changing priorities."

    Jon Drake

    Director of Development, LifeWorks
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    "The benefits we are experiencing, as a result of Agility in Mind coaching, range from being able to transition from Scrum to Kanban."

    Sabina Kamber-Salamanca

    Senior Project Manager, BBC Embedded Media Player Professional Training Network Member logo
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    We're here to help you thrive!

    Our approach is tailored to each individual organization. Learn how we can help.

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    What makes us different?
    We work collaboratively with you and focus on the people and teams of the organization. We do the right things for the right reasons and work in partnership to find the best way.
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