RS Components Case Study - Digital Teams

The Challenge

RS Components realized that to retain their market position they needed a more customer focused, agile approach to delivering business value online.

Our Approach

RS Components needed to improve pace of delivery, quality of product and teamwork to increase customer satisfaction and stay ahead of their competitors.

Whilst already making some progress trialling Lean and agile practices, results needed to be both quicker and at scale.

Agility in Mind were invited to provide focused help to increase the chances of success and reduce time for agile adoption.

Key to achieving their strategic priority to “offer the best customer and supplier experience” was a move to a product-led development focus, with digital feature teams being driven by a single portfolio level backlog, prioritized by value and enriched by direct customer feedback.


After a period of 6 months, all of the five digital teams were trained on agile product delivery, were using a common language and successfully implementing Scrum to help facilitate full agile adoption. Product management coaching to senior teams increased transparency of execution across the business, promoted support and aligned organizational strategy.

Revitalised teams were able to deliver significant increases in productivity:

  • 60,000 search fixes;
  • Cleansed and introduced ranging for 5 million product attributes;
  • Added over 120,000 new images, data-sheets and videos;
  • Improved site speed by 40%.

This culminated in a substantial increase in the company’s customer satisfaction rating and the highest level of online conversion and growth in sales for three years.

RS Components is now also implementing a total of eight major website improvements per month, with complete confidence that their investments are the right thing for both customers and their business.

The agile operating model designed and implemented by Agility in Mind means that the improvements made to ways of working are sustainable. It has led to a revitalized company culture that puts customer feedback at the centre of how product decisions are made. RS Components now puts outcome-driven collaboration at the very heart of how their digital teams operate.


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