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Antipatterns to avoid in an agile organization

July 22nd, 2021 @ 11am EST, 10am CST, 4pm BST

Antipattern: A solution to a problem or need, that is actually counterproductive instead of helpful


In this FAQs Live, we’ll discuss antipatterns that arise in scrum roles like Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Leaders within an organization.
You’ll talk to real coaches who’ve seen their fair share of antipatterns and can guide you through the process of identifying the behaviors and pointing to positive changes you can make to ensure agile roles are better understood, and that your teams are successful.


Even the best of teams can experience antipatterns, which are a solution to a problem or need, that is counterproductive instead of helpful. You may sometimes see behavior from team members that is harmful to the organization’s wellbeing, and ask “is this how Agile is really supposed to be?”

  1. Have you seen these behaviors in the wild?
  2. Managers weaponizing team metrics under the guise of “holding people accountable”
  3. Scrum Masters behaving like Jira admins
  4. Agile coaches acting like seagulls, flying in and dropping a load of "best practices" on the team, then flying away, never to be seen again?

Thanks to everyone who voted on our LinkedIn Page to tailor the agenda down to two topics.
The final top two topics for this webinar is:

Agile Coach

What are common antipatterns for Agile Coaches?


What are common antipatterns for Leaders?

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Meet your Panellist
Picture of Jess Brock, VP of Consulting at Agility in Mind

Jess Brock


Jess is a dynamic agile coach (SPC), technologist, and writer with over 15 years experience in the technology space. In addition to serving as a coach, she has served as a full-stack developer, scrum master, product owner, people leader, instructor, and entrepreneur. Throughout her career Jess has worked closely with organizations (startups to large enterprises) on agility areas such as culture building, technical strategy, and product development and has led multiple Agile Transformations.

Jess has been characterized as a coach who demystifies agile in a way that is approachable by all.

Emily Koehler


Emily is a Scrum Master & Agile Project Manager based in New York City. She currently works for Dashlane, a password management company helping individuals and businesses stay safe online. She's previously worked in Scrum roles for healthcare and financial services organizations with varying methodologies from traditional project management to Scrum to Scaled Agile (SAFe).
She loves coming up with new team building activities and group facilitation techniques. In her free time, you can find Emily working on her next blog post or learning even more ways to cook eggplants.

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A better digital future starts with secure access.

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