What We Do

Agility in Mind is a business agility transformation consultancy. We help our clients succeed in an increasingly competitive world by using agile principles and practices as an enabler for change.

We work with people throughout an organization providing a range of business agility transformation consulting activities: we help leadership teams to better understand the challenges they need to face and to develop and align strategy; we show individuals and teams how to better organize their work to fulfil strategic objectives; and we instil a sense of belief that change is possible and action is needed.

These are the ways we can achieve your transformation

Business Agility Transformation – developing a culture where responding to change is second nature.
Agile Transformation – using agile principles and practices to achieve business agility.
Agile Coaching – working closely with individuals and teams to build confidence and effect change.
Agile Training – rapidly equipping teams and individuals with new skills and beliefs.

These services are used in the right mix to meet the desired outcomes of the organization, in a congruent blend that is right for the specific challenges being faced. In all that we do, we focus on outcomes, measuring these where possible to show the impact and benefits of the investment being made.

Although our services align to help achieve a transformed organization, they can be taken in their own right, to solve a smaller problem or to fit within a transformation already in progress.

    We're here to help you thrive!

    Our approach is tailored to each individual organization. Learn how we can help.

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    What makes us different?
    We work collaboratively with you and focus on the people and teams of the organization. We do the right things for the right reasons and work in partnership to find the best way.
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