Agile Coaching

At Agility in Mind we know we’re successful when you’re successful, so our focus through agile coaching is on helping your teams build the skills, enthusiasm and firm foundations needed to deliver effectively in an agile environment. We pride ourselves on impactful engagements that build trust and deliver results.

We Listen

Sustainable change comes from working together to find a better way.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all – we listen and then work with you to achieve your outcomes. We’re candid and transparent, and we don’t shy away from telling people what they need to know. Understanding and acknowledging the problems you’re trying to solve is key to success.

Get the basics right

We don’t land and expand.

We’ve achieved our goal when we’re no longer needed, so we start with the end in mind: your teams have got the basics right and being able to build on them.

We have great relationships with our clients, who get world-class expertise, excellent customer service, and support from the whole Agility in Mind team.

Positivity breeds positivity

We bring a lot of positive energy and always remind teams that collaboration and simple communication creates results.

Continuous improvement is at the core of what we do: we show individuals, teams, and leaders how they are growing, enabling self-confidence and ownership.

Successful team working

Our clients tell us that we’re great at getting dysfunctional teams to operate as a unit, leaving them in a more collaborative, effective state.

We regularly introduce teams to new tools and techniques that they may not have been aware of or confident using. Teams end up with a common understanding of what it means to be successful, and can then lead by example.

Agile coaching – our coaches

We believe that we have the best team of experienced agile coaches in the business.

If you want to build your capability and outpace your competitors, we’re ready to help. All of our outstanding agile coaches have:

A deep understanding of agile and Lean practices, how these can be applied, and what is appropriate in the variety of situations they find themselves in.
A level of emotional intelligence that helps them to build rapport and to understand that people’s resistance to change can be grounded in many areas of experience or beliefs.

Independence from and impartiality to hierarchical or political constraints within an organization, which enables them to facilitate conversations at any level of an organization.
The desire to equip people so that they, as coaches, do not become a dependency – rather teams and individuals become confident to lead change themselves.

Agile coaching – successful transformation

Agility in Mind’s agile coaches is the vehicle for successful transformation, through which individuals and teams learn what business agility means.

Over time, the changes made by individuals will be reflected in a new culture within the organization, which allows it to adapt more quickly to the inevitable changes that will happen.

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    What makes us different?
    We work collaboratively with you and focus on the people and teams of the organization. We do the right things for the right reasons and work in partnership to find the best way.
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