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Business agility transformation is the key to long-term survival in a dramatically changing global economy. Agility in Mind helps clients realize their potential, take ownership and achieve the ultimate goal of business agility transformation through a range of services: Agile Transformation, Agile Coaching and Agile Training. All of these services take our clients through the following key steps:
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Realize the need for survival

The modern, disrupted world is hostile, and large or long-established organizations can be slow to adapt.

The initial barrier to change is often complacency – successful, profitable businesses believe they are immune to threat. We help clients realize that change is required, and set a vision for an agile and responsive future.

Identify intrinsic value

Any organization that has survived up to this point has intrinsic value, built over years into existing products and services, and through the team’s experience.

We help clients identify this value – and challenge perceived constraints – by changing their thinking: it’s not the way we do things, but the things we know.
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See the whole

Business agility requires a whole-company response, not just a change to the shop window. A modern customer experience is clearly important, but it’s not good enough to merely encapsulate old practices in new technology.

We follow the agile principle of ‘seeing the whole’, so that changes are not made in isolation but in congruence across the organization.

Establish a culture of continuous improvement

Undertaking a business agility transformation means committing to meeting the expectations of future consumers, and responding to ongoing changes in the marketplace.

We foster a culture that continuously seeks to innovate and improve. Our goal is to equip people to take on future change themselves, rather than depending on us.
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Agility in Mind is a leading business agility transformation consultancy

Recognize the importance of leadership

The leadership team, more than any other part of an organization, needs to understand the challenge and take decisive action in order to achieve success.

Agility in Mind support and challenge senior teams to recognize the need for change, identify how they will change, and present a coherent message to the rest of the organization.

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